The Vision and Mission of Emmaus

Emmaus is a two-year formation experience specifically designed for Youth and Campus Ministers in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Emmaus aims to establish communities of disciple-makers across the Archdiocese -- communities dedicated to shared life, prayer, and formation. The Emmaus formation process provides intentional accompaniment and helps disciple makers more deeply embrace their baptismal identity by leading them on a two-year pilgrimage through the Rite of Baptism many of them experienced so long ago.

Emmaus groups meet regionally -- wherever there are 6-10 committed Youth or Campus Ministers -- for two 2-hour sessions per month. The Emmaus formation experience lasts for two years, with additional content available for cohorts that wish to continue journeying together.

In short, Emmaus is about you, your life in Christ, and getting established in a community of fellow disciple-makers.