Companions on a spiritual pilgrimage.

Emmaus is a one-of-a-kind formation opportunity for small groups of Youth/Campus Ministers to journey together for two years as they grow in their relationship with Christ in the Church, deepen the bonds of community and collaboration between ministers, and engage in hands-on formation that aims to deeply impact the lives of the youth in the Archdiocese -- but only through the person of each youth/campus minister. If ministry’s not personal, it’s nothing...and the same holds true for formation.

Emmaus: Pilgrim Fellowship Formation is exactly what it sounds like -- companions, friends, on a journey together deeper into the Mystery.

Want to join on the Way?


Emmaus is a two-year formation opportunity offered by the Office for Youth Evangelization and Discipleship for youth/campus ministers in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati that manifests the Office’s desire to:

  • -Invest in the lives of these ministers for the sake of their holiness

  • -Form them for the proclamation of the Gospel in the name of the Church (see GDC 236)

-Incarnationally meet the General Directory for Catechesis’ criteria for the formation of catechists in the three dimensions of formation (see GDC 237-238).


Emmaus invites Youth and Campus Ministers, as a community of pilgrims, to seek the face of Christ by entering into the mystery of the Sacraments -- so that the Sacraments inform mission (see Sacrosanctum Concilium, 10). Emmaus invests in and provides participants with time, community, catechetical formation, and prayer, that Youth and Campus Ministers might have the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ, to internalize the Truth of His person, and to translate it into their mission of making disciples.