Emmaus and Catechist Certification on Vocare

Emmaus satisfies the 10 credits/year requirement established by the Office for Evangelization and Discipleship and Vocare for catechist certification in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. All participants to remain faithful to their commitment to Emmaus will receive 10 credits/year and will be certified catechists in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati during the 2-years they are engaged with Emmaus. Following Emmaus, participants will be encouraged to remain certified by completing the required 10 credits of continuing formation per year.

Emmaus engages with the Vocare platform in several ways:

1. The Emmaus facilitator submits attendance after each session.

a. Participants are expected to attend all sessions for each 14-session movement.

b. One excused absence will be allowed for each movement.

c. If a participant is absent more than 1x during a series, that participant will need to complete make-up work in order to achieve credit for the series in Vocare.

2. Participants submit a one-page, double-spaced personal reflection paper to the facilitator after each movement. The facilitator will upload these documents into Vocare.