Emmaus: Pilgrim Fellowship Formation is a two-year intensive formation process in each of the three “dimensions” of catechist formation outlined by the General Directory for Catechesis. Emmaus also works to incorporate the six tasks of catechesis as outlined in the GDC, plus the 7th task, Theology of the Body, implemented locally by Archbishop Schnurr.

Community-Driven Formation 

  • Emmaus accomplishes this within the context of a “cohort” of 6-10 disciples. This fosters a strong sense of community that opens into fruitful ministry collaboration, as the Youth and Campus Ministers journey together for two years.

    • -Emmaus is open to any Youth/Campus Minister in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati -- both paid staff persons and/or volunteers.

    • -Pilgrim Fellowship Cohorts will be developed according to geographic region and participants’ schedules.

    • -The 2018-2020 Pilgrim Fellowship Cohorts will begin the week of Sept. 10, 2018.

    • -We can start as many as three cohorts in Sept. 2018, with a max. number of participants at 30.

    • (If you're trying to imagine what this will look like, picture a Bible study group that meets with intentional frequency and consistency for the sake of pursuing holiness together.)


    • -Workbook/supplies fee: $25 per series ($100 total for the two-year program consisting of the four series)

-There may be additional books participants will need to purchase as well.

-Each participant will definitely need a Bible (RSV preferably) and a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

The power of Consistency

  • During a series, the cohort will meet once-per-week for 90 minutes. (Nb. If possible, the cohort will attend Mass before or after, or have the possibility of eating a meal together (e.g. lunch) immediately following a session.)

    • -Between sessions, participants will work to maintain their personal commitments to grow in the spiritual life and the life of virtue, and will complete short reading assignments to deepen the previous session’s lesson and to prepare for the next session.

-The Emmaus facilitator will also offer individual support via one-on-one meetings with participants in the program.

Comprehensive ContenT

Year 1:

-Fall semester - 12 week series providing formation in the “dimension of being” (i.e. human and spiritual formation)

-Spring semester - 12 week series providing formation in the “dimension of savoir-faire” (savoir-faire is French for “to know how to,” “taking the right action,” -- catechetical methodology)

-Summer Pilgrimage Day - One spiritual enrichment day at the discretion of the group -- a day trip (or 2-day, 1-night) to a nearby pilgrim destination (e.g. Maria Stein, Our Lady of Consolation Shrine, St. Meinrad, etc.)

Year 2:

-Fall semester - 12 week series providing formation in the “dimension of knowing” with a focus on Scripture, Tradition, and Salvation History

-Spring semester - 12 week series providing formation in the “dimension of knowing” with a focus on morality (including Theology of the Body) 

Session format

  • -Introduction to session topic and personal work: “hands-on” engagement with the topic (25 minutes)

  • -Lectio Divina (15 minutes)

  • -Lesson and Discussion (50 minutes)

    • -Each session will also include brief take-home reading/reflection assignments to allow formation to bear deeper fruit by being “steeped” in it.

    • -Due to the nature of Emmaus as a spiritual pilgrimage, participants will be expected to continue their existing daily spiritual commitments, or to establish commitments if they currently do not presently have any in place (e.g. 15 minutes of silent prayer time each day).  

Joining a Cohort

  • -Registration for Emmaus will open on May 1, 2018.

-There are 30 available spots for the Fall 2018-Spring 2020 cohorts.

-Emmaus will aim to divide the participants into 2 or 3 cohorts based upon geography.