Important Dates

  • September 13, 2019: Deadline for Regular Registration pricing

  • September 20, 2019: Group Leaders submit necessary paperwork and remaining registration fee balances to Office for Youth Evangelization and Discipleship

  • November 1, 2019: Deadline for cancellation refund request. (See below for details)

Registration will have three basic steps:

  1. Participants (adult or youth) complete the online registration process with paid deposit (by individual or parish) by Sept. 13

  2. Participants submit the necessary paperwork and remaining balance to their respective group leader by Sept. 13.

  3. Group leader submits Registration Checklist, forms, and balance due to Office for Youth Evangelization and Discipleship by end of the business day on Sept. 20.


  • Registration for NCYC is now open click here for the registration page.

  • This is where you should be sending your teens, parents and adult chaperones as well as yourself to ultimately register, submit personal information and pay the non-refundable $100 deposit through Eventbrite. They will purchase their “ticket” by finding your last name and parish name under the ticket options. The number of tickets available to your group is based off the early estimation you provided via Google Form. The number of tickets available to your group can be edited simply by emailing Rod Dunlap (

    1. Registration on Eventbrite is for individuals; group leaders, youth and adult chaperones all need to register individually here. We have designed it this way so as to remove the burden of manual data entry for the Group Leader.

    2. This collected data will ultimately be the data submitted to NCYC.


  • If your parish is planning to cover the deposit for your individuals or if you know your group will fill additional spots and you would be willing to pay the deposit for those spots out of your budget prior to June 15th in order for us to “reserve” them at the Early-Bird pricing then you may reserve that number of spots by going to a special Eventbrite page setup just for Group Leaders:

  • On this page you will reserve spots for those who will be registering with your group at a later time. Once you complete this page and pay the $100 deposit per spot, we will send you a promo code that will waive the deposit cost on the Regular Individual Registration page for anyone you share that code with up to the number of deposits you have paid for.

  • It will be your responsibility to pass this code along to your individuals to use when they register themselves as well as your responsibility to reconcile that deposit amount with them on your end.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Your parish is then responsible for the full cost of those spots as of June 15th and any unfilled spots will be treated following the same policies below regarding transfer and refunds as any other spot would be handled. It is up to your discretion as to the benefits and risks of obtaining additional Early Bird spots knowing that on the one hand your parish is responsible for the full cost regardless of whether they are filled, and knowing, on the other hand, that spots can be added at any point after the Early Bird period for a slight increase in cost per spot.


  • The online deposit is considered non-refundable. The only exceptions to this are of approved substitutions or transfers (see below).

  • The remaining balance of Early Bird spots is the responsibility of the parish as of June 15th when those spots are locked in. The remaining balance of additional Regular and Late Registration spots are refundable to the parish up until September 20th. After that all refund requests, regardless of when spots were reserved, have to be made in writing to NFCYM. See below under cancellation for details.


    (Must be completed before September 13)

  • It is possible for substitutions within your group of one individual for another to be made.

  • Before September 13th this can be done at no additional cost. After September 13th there is a $20 cost for substitutions per NFCYM policy since we will have already submitted data to them at that point.

  • All substitution requests should be emailed to Rod Dunlap ( with the name of the person cancelling and the person being added from your group. Once the person being added has completed their online registration, the person cancelling/being substituted for will have their deposit refunded. Please note that the original registrant’s rate (Early Bird, Regular, or Late) is what the added person will be expected to pay even if that window is no longer open.


    (Must be completed before September 13):

  • It is possible for spots not being used by your group to be transferred to another group.

  • If this request and transfer is completed before Sept. 13th there is no additional cost. After Sept. 13th, transfers will have a $20 cost per NFCYM policy since we will have submitted data to them at that point.

  • Transfers will be handled following this process:

    —A group leader must notify Rod Dunlap by email ( of the individual registrants or the extra Early Bird spots not being filled. Remember your first step is to consider substitution within your group (see above).

    —If additional registrations come in from another group after this email is received they will automatically be considered a transfer and the original group leader’s individuals will have their deposits refunded to them minus any applicable transfer fee.

    —If no additional registrations come in after the email is received, these spots will be treated as a cancellation (see below).


    (Must be processed before November 1):

  • If cancelled spots are not filled by another individual through either substitution or transfer, then they are subject to NFCYM’s cancellation and refund policy which states:

    “When a participant with a completed registration (after September 13) must cancel his attendance, and the spot cannot be filled by a substitution or transfer, NFCYM will refund the registration fee paid less $40.  Refund requests must be made in writing before November 1. Refunds will be processed in January 2020. Refund requests made after November 1 will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Refund requests should be sent via email to”

  • PLEASE NOTE: Your first step once you are aware of a cancellation is to alert Rod Dunlap by email so that we can try to fill that spot by substitution or transfer first. Refund requests should only be made to NFCYM if the spot cannot be filled before November 1st.

    Additional REgistration Information

  • Elena Pope, Youth Minister at St. Christopher parish who is helping with registration, will be sharing with each group member a list of who has registered with your group. This will be shared with you every week through a google sheet. This will take place from once registration begins until it closes in September. This is being done so that each group leader can see which of their teens has actually registered and which ones still need to do so.

  • Remember that you need to register yourself, and that all adults who register need to be in compliance with all Safe Environment requirements for the Archdiocese. This step requires the Safe Environment Coordinator at your location to sign-off on the form as indicated.

  • Each participant (adult or youth) needs to submit two permission forms -- an NCYC form and the AoC form. Please make two copies of each form and bring both with you to NCYC -- and submit the originals to us by Sept. 20. That’s three total copies - originals plus two duplicates - of each form.

  • Registrants will submit the remaining balance via check made out to the parish/school/organization with which they are coming. This remaining balance will be reflective of the rate when they signed up and may also need to include the cost of the deposit if you, the Parish Group Leader, paid it for them to lock in the Early Bird rate. The parish/school/organization will then submit one check payable to The Archdiocese of Cincinnati for the total balance due.

  • In terms of getting the Registration Checklist, legal/liability forms, and remaining balances to us, everything must be submitted (either in-person or through the mail) by the end of the business day on September 20, 2019.

Chaperone Requirements

  • Chaperones must be at least 21 years old

  • Chaperones must be in compliance with the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Safe Environment policy (VIRTUS trained, Up-to-date on bulletins and completed online background check).

  • Each group must have a ratio of 1 chaperone per 10 teens.